Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun With Lanolin

The best part about using wool covers is the fact they only have to be washed every two to three weeks. Yay! The less laundry the better. Also, wool covers can be lanolized to renew their water repellency. This can be done if you notice they are absorbing water when washing. It is really easy to lanolize wool covers. I just finished lanolizing two pairs of longies. They will be great for Duden to wear this winter. The only things needed are a sink, water, baby soap, lanolin and a small jar. I just used some of my leftover Lansinoh from when Duden was first born.

First, I filled a sink with warm water and some baby soap. 

I gently washed the covers and let them soak for five minutes.

While they were soaking I took some mirror pics to keep myself entertained. Always fun.

Next, I rinsed carefully rinsed the covers under running water.

Then, I mixed a little bit of lanolin in the jar with hot water.

I shook, shook, shook the jar. I danced around while shaking. D began to get sleepy. Yep, multitasking.

I then refilled the sink with warm water and put the diaper covers in. I poured the lanolin mixture on top and let the diapers soak for ten minutes. I threw the jar and lid for good measure, I figured more lanolin wouldn't hurt.

Duden fell asleep. I put him down for a nap.

After ten minutes, I drained the sink and rolled the diaper covers up in a towel. 

Now, his longies are drying on a rack, waiting to be used!

I am so glad I found this diapering system. My next project is to make Duden a stash of fitted diapers to use under his wool covers. I am even playing with the idea of using upcycled t-shirts to make them. It could be cute! I think I'll go check out the thrift shop so I can get started!

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  1. This is too cool-- I've never given much thought to cloth diapering in colder climates.

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